Gods Pantry

Serving Families Every Wednesday
A Ministry of Risen Savior Lutheran Church

Dear Friends,
God has indeed blessed us! This past quarter we were able to provide 146,000 meals! This week we had unlimited bread, multiple desserts, carrots by the pallet and oodles of fruit and veggies.
July is a tough month for distribution, not only because of the heat, but also because it is annual sign up for all of our clients, which is time consuming. Typically, we are finished about 3:30. This week, we did not leave until five. Special thanks to our volunteers who took part in the sign up process and helped for the very long day!
VBS starts on Monday July 17 with dinner at 5pm. There are sections for adults and children so mark your calendar. This is Monday through Friday.
This month, I am especially grateful to our donors. We try to spend about $500 per month. In June, we spent almost $750 to keep our families in meat and cereal. There have been times when we have had to pass on .18/lbs. cereal since we could not afford it. Thank you, especially when our children are home from school for feeding them!

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